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8 Best Countries for Adventure Travellers in 2018

8 Best Countries for Adventure Travellers in 2018

Do you love an adventure? Do you love challenges and excitement? Planning to travel this 2018? Here are some countries you might want to check out.

1- Indonesia

If you are looking to travel to Asia without hurting your wallet, go to Indonesia! Exploring Indonesia is cheap and fun. Bali is a paradise for travellers, and even though Hollywood stars frequent Bali, there are plenty of affordable options. 

Your most significant expense is likely to be the airline ticket, but the moment you arrive in Bali, it’s safe to say an average traveller should be able to afford a comfortable luxury holiday in a private villa.   

You can create a soft adventure in Bali. You can rent a motorbike and ride around the island, go cliff diving, swimming, snorkelling and everything else you can think of. 

Indonesia is beautiful and it will bring you closer to nature. This place will make you realise how great it is to be alive!

2- India

taj mahal

Exploring in India is the ultimate adventure for travellers who love discovering the unknown. But you don’t have to scale mountains or trek in the wilderness for days to have an adventure in India. A road trip through India is one of the best ways to experience the thrill of adventure and discover new places.

India is a huge country with so much to experience. You could drive around for months and only see a small bit of India. Planning is important when travelling independently in India. From the colourful state of Rajasthan to tranquil Kerala, India has something to please everyone. Here’s a great guide to road trips in India to get you started.

3- Philippines

We put this second on the list because travelling to the Philippines will also give you good value for your money. 

This country is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands! 

There’s plenty of culture and the food is diverse, and it’s delicious. 

You won’t have trouble meeting people because Filipinos are known to be very hospitable, and almost everyone can speak English. 

You can climb mountains, zip line your way around the country, surf the waves, dive and swim the seas. Here, you can also create your own adventure.

4- Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also a very diverse country just like Indonesia and Philippines. 

However, you might be happier in Costa Rica because according to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the world’s happiest country

Try surfing on the Nicoya Peninsula or exploring the Monteverde forest.

5- Iceland

Go to Iceland between May and July to see the Midnight Sun! Just imagine 24 hours of daylight and the many things you can do under the sun! It’s like being in wonderland. The landscapes are also as stunning as the skies. Hike the mountain ranges and take in all the view, be overwhelmed by it. Afterwards, relax on a road trip and take in the views from a different perspective. Here’s a blog about driving Iceland’s Ring Road.

6- New Zealand

New Zealand is compact and easy to travel around. Even though it’s not a big country there are adventures to discover in all corners of the land. The two main islands of this country give you so many choices for adventure— from trekking the snow-capped mountains, swimming the beaches, going into the subtropical forests, and so much more!

7- South Africa

There are so many countries in Africa to visit that adventure travellers would love and just about anywhere you go in Africa, you’re likely to find a fabulous wildlife adventure. First timers to Africa might like to explore South Africa, where you can hike the Drakensberg Mountains or go on an exciting safari in Kruger National Park or explore the untamed Eastern Cape.

8- Nepal

Nepal is brimming with happiness, culture and beauty. For travellers who love adventure, you’ll find unexpected joys around every corner. Although Nepal’s landscapes are absulutely stunning, most people who have visited Nepal will tell you that it’s the people that will steal your heart. Here are five reasons to visit Nepal.


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