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My Adventure Journeys Around The World

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Best Adventures in South America

Best Adventures in South America

Looking for an adventure in South America? With so many unexplored corners, South America is the perfect continent for adventurous travellers. Here’s where to go in South America for a holiday full of action. 1- Chile Chile’s varied landscapes makes it a magnet for explorers […]

5 Mind Blowing Trips for Adventure Travellers

5 Mind Blowing Trips for Adventure Travellers

Overseas adventure travels or exploring the great outdoors is becoming a trend. Other than just going to famous landmarks and shopping for souvenirs around the city, adventure travellers want something more. Are you looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience? Here are five overseas travel […]

5 New Adventure Travel Ideas

5 New Adventure Travel Ideas

Bored with the same old destinations? Are you looking for a new travel adventure? Here are five more to put on your bucket list. 

1- Cuba Adventure

A Cuban adventure is a good idea. Why? A Cuba adventure is like traveling through time. You get to see beautiful age-old architecture and vintage cars everywhere! Rent a car, play the song “Havana” as you drive around the city. Stop by a park. Grab a drink at a vintage bar at noontime. Enjoy the white sands of Playa Los Flamencos. Swim in Playa Pilar. Dive the beaches. You can even go snorkeling! In Cuba, you can create your own amazing adventure! Here are some Cuba travel tips to help you with your planning.

2- Diving in the Philippines 

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most pristine locations not yet commercialized for tourists. It’s not as overrated as Philippines’ top beach destination, Boracay. Here, you can still enjoy nature without the crowds. Discover secret beaches, go boating, island hopping, and diving.

There are  thousands of dive sites in the Philippines, mostly around Luzon and Visayas. Start your scuba adventure at Puerto Galera, near Manila, where thousands of divers get certified. Also near Manila, Subic Bay has impressive sunken WWII warships.

3- Bhutan Hiking

Bhutan is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, based on the global ranking for happiness in the World Happiness Report.  A journey around Bhutan is quite an adventure and sightseeing in Thimpu and Paro (here are some places to see in Paro) and other places along the way is a trip you won’t forget. The scenery is absolutely stunning and even though Bhutan is sandwiched between India and China, this little Himalayan kingdom has managed to hang on to its individuality.

Bhutan has 17 hiking trails! Hike some of the mountains of the Himalayas. There are many beautiful Buddhist temples along the way. There are also old settlements for a great cultural experience. You can arrange a short hike or a month-long trek. The Snowman Trek is reserved for experienced hikers only. If you are ready for it, what is stopping you from enjoying spectacular views while testing your endurance?

4- Walk the Julian Alps

There are lots of things to do in Slovenia. One of which is hiking Mount Triglav which is the highest Slovene mountain. Stay in alpine huts and swim in the lakes. The town, Bled, is also charming and medieval. It’s worth a visit. There are also ski resorts worth checking out for winter sports!

5- Sailing in Croatia

Sun, sea, and sand: – these are the three things that define Croatia. Relax, explore, and party— these are the three things you should do in Croatia!  Explore charming towns on the Adriatic coast, such as Split, Dubrovnik and a host of other lesser-known places.  Of course, don’t miss the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Here are some things to do in Dubrovnik you will love!

A sailing adventure with friends is a fun way to explore Croatia. Sail during the day, stop for a swim in the middle of the Adriatic sea, land on the shores of islands and explore the towns, then party at night and repeat! 

5 Hiking Vacations USA: For Adventure Travelers

5 Hiking Vacations USA: For Adventure Travelers

There are plenty of wonderful places around the world to go on a hiking vacation. The USA, in particular, is a huge country and one where there are so many places to find adventure. It’s particularly appealing to hikers as there are so many stunning […]

Best Countries for Adventure Travellers in 2018

Best Countries for Adventure Travellers in 2018

Do you love an adventure? Do you love challenges and excitement? Planning to travel this 2018? Here are some countries you might want to check out. 1- Indonesia If you are looking to travel to Asia without hurting your wallet, go to Indonesia! Exploring Indonesia is cheap […]

Packing Tips for Adventure Travelers

Packing Tips for Adventure Travelers

You are going on a trip and it’s not just any trip! It’s an adventure travel holiday! That means you won’t just go around the city and take photo walks during the day and stay at your 5-star hotel at night. You will be doing some action outdoors! What should you pack?  The simple answer is: It depends. It depends on the type of adventure you are planning to do. Will you be surfing? Cycling? Hiking? Here are 20 tips on what to pack. 

surf travel

adventure traveller

1. Your Adventure Kit

Is it your surfboard? Your bicycle? Depending on the activity you plan to do, bring your “gear” or “tools”.

2. Medication

Whenever you are travelling, you should pack your prescribed medication and some emergency pills for headaches and fever. Remember to take care of your health when travelling especially when you are set to do some rigorous activity. If you are planning to hike, you should already know that the altitude can make you nauseous.

3. Multi-tool

Swiss knives are convenient. You will always find good use of it, especially during emergencies.

4. Flashlight

This is your lifeline when it gets dark. It’s an essential survival tool. Wherever you go, whatever kind of adventure you are planning to do, you must have a flashlight.

5. Batteries

Batteries are also crucial for your flashlight and other gadgets. Make sure you have packed some spare. 

6. Phone

Even if you intend to experience nature and be free from the hustle and bustle of city life, leaving your phone is a bad idea. If in case something happens, your phone is an essential survival gadget necessary for communication. 

You’ll never know when you will need it. Your cellular data or internet capabilities may also come in handy. It can also work as a flashlight and a watch in case you lose these two important items. 

Also, smartphones have location features that can just save you from a lot of unwanted situations. 

Do not risk leaving your phone thinking that you might not need it for the trip anyway. Never leave your home without it. Also, your phone has a camera, right? 

7. Watch

You need to be able to tell the time. It will help you manage your activities.

8. GPS

If in case you are going to a remote place where you cannot use your phone’s cellular data and there’s no signal, bring a GPS with you. Always know where you are going. It’s very dangerous to get lost.

9. Map

Again, for navigation purposes.

10. Sunglasses

You have to take care of your eyes. Sometimes, too much exposure to the sun can affect our vision and even cause us to have migraines and that might just ruin the trip.

11. Hammock

A hammock is easy to pack and easy to set up. It is also light so it won’t add to the weight you are carrying. There will also be times that you can’t lay a sleeping bag on the ground.

12. Sleeping bag

traveller shoes

In case you are stuck in a place where a hammock cannot be set up, have a sleeping bag with you so you can just lay it on the ground. You can also sleep comfortably anywhere. Sleep is very important. 

Depending on the kind of adventure you’re planning to do, it’s best not to rely on hostels or guesthouses. 

You might regret not bringing a sleeping bag if you are forced to camp somewhere far from town. You need sleep to regain your energy and be ready for another day of adventure. Here are some sleeping bags for backpacking in cold weather.

13. Blanket

It will keep you warm when it becomes cold. It can also serve as a cover. You can do lots of things with a blanket. Don’t bring a very thick blanket, though. Keep your baggage light.

14. Lighter

If you don’t have a lighter, bring a matchbox. A lighter, however, is more secure and easier to use. Fire is fundamental to survival. You don’t want to rub stones to cook your dinner or to keep you warm.

15. Appropriate clothing

Of course, you should wear the appropriate clothing for the type of adventure you are planning to do. There are different kinds of outfits for different kinds of activities. Proper clothing will save your life. Make sure to pack spare clothes and choose your clothes well. You should not bring your entire closet with you. Remember, travel light!

16. Disposable underwear

Changing underwear is very important for hygienic purposes and for your own comfort. Whatever you do, you want to feel fresh down there. It will also save you some weight because you can always throw after use.

17. Tissue

Tissue can be used for a lot of things. Of course, if nature will call you and you really have to go, you can’t be sure that there will be tissue available.

18. Insect repellant

Research first if there are any insects you should be wary of in the area you’re about to go to. You also have to know if there’s an alarming case of malaria. Always have this with you. You don’t want to catch anything bad abroad.

19. Water bottle

It’s a no-brainer that this is absolutely important for survival.

20. Extra food

Always bring extra food with you, one that won’t easily perish like biscuits and granola bars. Don’t bring too much. You eat like a local when you travel and try out their food. You will only need this for an emergency.

Again, it really depends on your trip and the activities you are planning to do. You don’t have to bring everything in this list if it is not applicable to you. Just remember to travel light, bring only the things you need and have some extra space for other things that you might need in case of an emergency. Always think ahead and visualize the possibilities when planning your trip.

10 Essential Items to Pack For An Overnight Hike

10 Essential Items to Pack For An Overnight Hike

For starters, an overnight hike can be a nightmare when packing. You need to travel light (after all, who wants to lug the kitchen sink up a mountain?) but you also need to make sure you bring all the right gear. Here are the 10 essential packing […]

8 Best Hiking Trails Around The World

8 Best Hiking Trails Around The World

The best hiking spot in the world is a debatable topic. For some people, it’s conquering Everest while for others it’s scaling the endless sea of ice and snow of the Jungfrau Mountain Switzerland. For others, it’s the trail at their local valley, three blocks […]

Hiking in Cairngorms, Scotland

Hiking in Cairngorms, Scotland

If you love hiking and are looking for a suitable destination, then you could have many reasons to pick the Cairngorms National Park. It’s possibly the best national park in Scotland for those of us who love hiking. The Cairngorms is the largest national park in the United Kingdom.

Spread over 4,500 square kilometers, it has quite a few fascinating places for hikers to explore, including peaks that an adventurous mountaineer would most certainly love tackling.

However, it calls for the right planning and understanding of the topography and terrain before going in for a hike in the Cairngorms.

Here’s a quick guide.

Look For Passes And Peaks

The best way to enjoy hiking in the Cairngorms is to identify a few passes and peaks while planning your adventure. This will give you a clearer idea about the area you’re planning to traverse.

Among the many such options available, Ryvoan Pass is a place worth having a closer look. It can be reached from the National Outdoor Training Centre near Glenmore Lodge. Ryvoan Pass is a two-mile pass and you will be able to experience and enjoy the green Ryvoan Loch, The local faeries perhaps wash their clothes here and that is why it is green and colourful!

Kingussie To Newtonmore

Another great way to enjoy the Cairngorms is to hike from Kingussie to Newtonmore. The route links the two Badenoch Villages, which are separated only by three miles of land. These villages have a rivalry which is more than a century old.

The five-mile route ends when you follow the Newtonmore’s Trail straight into the village. You will come across quite a few cafes, where you can pick up buns, snacks and other treats.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

These are two examples of the easier options which the Cairngorms has to offer. One thing to keep in mind is if you’re planning on hiking in winter make sure you have an ice axe, in case you need to climb up a slippery surface.

A visit to the Cairngorms is an experience of a lifetime. The beauty and the variety of flora and fauna are something that will remain etched in your memory for years to come.

Adventure in Canada’s Yukon Territory

Adventure in Canada’s Yukon Territory

Canada’s Yukon certainly is a treat for hikers. Besides being one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are many different types of Yukon hiking trails to suit various levels of hikers. With a population of 37,000 people and plenty of untouched nature, […]