Monday, 15 July 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina - A Quiet, Remote Adventure Wilderness

So, I'm back. And with half a dozen features or articles to write, I am unwilling to update this blog with something hastily scribbled and which doesn't truly convey my feelings in respect of this memorable, inspiring and thrilling trip. So, I thought I'd post some photography first and list the highlights to come. And then write a few posts on the trekking and my personal experiences, a little later.

Hope you like the images.

The highlights, and this list is by no means conclusive, include climbing and scrambling up the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Sutjeska National Park, Maglić (2,386m) and being caught in a lightning storm on the ridge; white water rafting on the Tara river and sleeping in a teepee; meeting the semi-nomadic Bosniaks who live in Lukomir, the highest permanent settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina at 1,495m; seeing Sarajevo and Mostar first hand and being able to talk to local guides about the sieges and how life has changed; and trekking part of the new Via Dinarica trail through the Dinaric mountains.

Thanks to Green Visions, with whom I'll be working more, and to Lorenc Konaj for his expert guiding and stubborn (but delightful) refusal to believe we really don't eat a great deal at the top of a mountain...

Thanks also to Salewa, Arc'teryx and Brynje for sending me test kit. Reviews to come shortly.