Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sidetracked Edition 08 - the best yet.

If you didn't catch the news earlier in the week, Sidetracked Edition 8 is out. Read Jamie Maddison's Mongolia trek, along with a story from perhaps the most famous mountaineer in world - Kenton Cool. Julia Immonen from Sky Sports News rows the Atlantic to draw attention to the horrific trade in human slaves. Shane Little cycles across Africa round about the same time as Eddo Kloosterman does the same in Iceland. Tim Pickering continues his G4 Challenge and more.

And, if that's not enough, in 2012, Caroline Van Hemert and Patrick Farrell traveled from Bellingham, Washington to Kotzebue, Alaska - a distance of nearly 4000 miles - by rowboat, ski, packraft, foot, and canoe. This extraordinary journey followed a roadless route without trails through some of the most spectacular wild landscapes in North America. Read about that and get inspired!


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