Friday, 14 December 2012

Sidetracked Guide to Camping Wild

Over the last few months I have been working a great deal on content for Sidetracked. It's been an exiting time with interviews of Seven Rivers' Mark Kalch and Polar Explorer Alex Hibbert, among some other really enthralling content. I really hope you've been enjoying it. It goes some way to explaining why things have been a little quite here lately - more to come on the Journeyman Traveller very soon indeed though.

However, the most exciting project has been the Sidetracked Guide to Camping Wild. Not just aimed at hikers, it covers general principles as well as specific advice for hikers, adventure travellers, adventure cyclists and packrafters. We've asked some excellent contributors to give the benefit of their experience too.

In Part One, I look at why camping wild is such a great way to connect with the landscape you're exploring as well as how, and where, to select a camp site. Haute Route Pyrenees thru-hiker David Lintern offers his tips based on his experience of long distance trails and Janapar creator Tom Allen inspires through creative pitch selection.

In Part Two, I look at kit selection and what essentials you should think about taking. I also look at how to adapt to your environment and Mark Roberts from Backpacking North gives us a distilled version of his Ultralight Redux - lose some weight and go further and faster.

And in Part Three, I look at camping wild whilst Adventure Cycling and Packrafting - or rather I introduce two experts in the field - Shane Little, fresh from cycling across, and camping wild in, Africa; and Steve Behaeghel, who has packrafting and hiked in more places than I care to name.