Monday, 19 December 2011

Alexandre Buisse

I met Alexandre Buisse on Twitter and became enthralled by his mountain photography. He's a young and phenomenally talented photographer making his mark on, and carving a path through, the world of landscape and outdoor photography. I urge you to support him and I was fortunate enough to get his book for Christmas from my parents. It is a wonderful read, legs curled under you, steaming tea in hand, in front of a roaring fire - replete with amazing images and sage advice delivered in a self-effacing, jovial tone. Excellent stuff. As an aspiring professional photographer, slowly befriending my DLSR, it has been inspirational.

Alexandre Buisse, Remote Exposure: A Guide to Hiking and Climbing Photography, Rocky Nook Inc. 2011.


  1. Its a good book.  Will I recall all the advice in it?  I doubt it.  

  2. It all goes in Martin - you never know. For my part, professional photography is something I will be learning more about over the coming 12-24 months so, in fact, it is invaluable for me.