Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Walking for Others

I received an email today. Not really a momentous event, I confess, but this one set me thinking. A few bloggers I regularly converse with have undertaken walks for charity but one in particular, coming up in June this year, has piqued my attention. David Lintern, whose visual and emotive blog Self Powered is one I particularly enjoy, is about to undertake a very long walk for charity in one of his favourite areas - the Pyrenees. In all, he'll walk between 500 and 600 miles (c.800-950km) and climb around 40,000m. Everest, need I tell you, is an eighth of that. This is a serious undertaking and deserving of respect and admiration. This is not a National Geographic sponsored adventure, this is something worthwhile and intrepid.

He'll be walking for two charities, the principles of one of which are very close to my heart for many reasons - soundmix.org.uk which brings some much needed musical relief to young war orphans and refugees in South London.

We get hit by chuggers every day and I know some of you will be bored of random strangers making pleas for your hard-earned money. At least 200 people regularly visit my blog, not to mention the thousands who visit each month, and if each of them gave £1 that would be a huge start to supporting someone who is undertaking a mammoth task in the name of others.