Wednesday, 13 October 2010

National Geographic Gear of the Year 2010

My home page is the National Geographic website. I also subscribe to National Geographic and have done for some years. Today, the rotational news system that starts every time I load Safari alerted me to the National Geographic Gear of the Year 2010 - 35 of the best kit for 'adventuring'. 

Normally I approach such things with scepticism but when I saw the Mont Bell Super Spiral Down Hugger, I immediately thought that the other 34 would be worth a look - and they are. Some I knew about, some I did not. The Petzl 'programmable' head torch is perhaps a bit of a gimmick but it really could be something that could be refined and useful. Patagonia's new down sweater is there (I saw it in Trek and Mountain recently) as are some other unsurprising additions (Rab finally gets some recognition across the pond at a more populist level). Our new pals the Vibram Five Fingers are there too...

Take a look and see what you think.


  1. I saw this list a week or two ago and while I was interested in some of the gear (the Mont Bell s'bag caught my eye in particular), some of the choices and commentary make me wonder about just how they went about choosing the list. The "Bear Grylls" knife for example - the last knife he put his name to was an awful design and this one doesn't look much better. The choice of cameras is equally suspect. While I started off thinking the list interesting I finished not trusting any of their picks. I'll stick to reviews from people rather than from organisations!

  2. Nothing Bear Grylls puts his name to attracts me, but lists like this alert me to kit I do not know about (even if it is only one item) and are useful as a starting point for further research. I tend not to use them as definitive reviews - we're all specialists at our chosen fields of interest purely because we spend so long doing and reading about what we love. We will always be more critical of kit than the people at Nat Geo.