Saturday, 31 July 2010

My new friend - the Tilley TH5

We've been buying some bits and pieces for the Tour du Mont Blanc and I wanted something to protect my head & the back of my neck from the sun & the rain as, from following the weather over the last few months, it seems we'll get both in no small measure in the Alps. I'm not a fan of bandanas, nor those slightly curious baseball caps with flaps over the neck - far too French Foreign Legion for me. No, in fact, I've always been somewhat intrigued by wide-brimmed hats & Tilley make some rather fine examples. I wanted something reasonably breathable and the TH5, made from hemp, just looks great. Hemp is a naturally occurring fabric which appealed to me too. So it was that I came home with one this week (to much raucous laughter and derision from Mrs. M who did not think it went well with a grey, three-piece suit). UPV 50+, water resistant, washable, buoyant - it's an all round gem. Comfy too & it makes me look just enough like Indiana Jones to justify it.

The great story, of a zookeeper whose elephant eats his repeatedly, passes it & then it's washed & re-worn to be eaten another day can be found inside a little pouch hidden in the top of the hat. It makes me smile when I read it as do the stories of what may have been hidden in other hat pouches that can be found on Tilley's website. Oh yes, victim of advertising, me...


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