Monday, 7 June 2010

Hillwalking Treks

Perhaps the primary purpose of this blog is to document my hillwalking treks, whether they be weekend outings or longer expeditions. I am mindful of the need to keep a Hillwalking Log of Quality Mountain Days for the Mountain Leader qualification but it is also a tool for reminiscing and sharing. Hillwalking treks can be found most easily under the Treks label. I will endeavour to give a succinct but comprehensive outline of the route as well as Picasa Album for those who would enjoy sifting through my photos.

I will usually pitch a wild camp in the hills when I am hillwalking and here I make it plain what we all know but newcomers might not - wild camping per se is illegal but usually tolerated as it is impractical to contact the owner of the land. We are, in effect, trespassing on land belonging to others. If we do it sensitively and respectfully, we will continue to be permitted to enjoy the wild spaces of the United Kingdom in this way.

The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has produced a set of guidelines and they are rules we should all live by. They can be found here: Wild Camping - A Guide to Good Practice. Please follow these principles. If you need advice, please contact me or the myriad other hillwalkers and wildcampers who journal in the form of blogs on the internet or on forums such as LFTO and Outdoors Magic, in the UK, and BPL in the US.

In lieu of a Picasa album to give to you right now, I've attached above a photo of my first ever wild camp in the Brecon Beacons in 2008.

In due course, I will write something on some of the trips I have done already as well as the ones to come in the future.


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